Folding grilles technical information

Installation dimensions & basic sketches

Are you looking for installation dimensions or basic sketches for our folding grilles? Please contact us or send us an email with your request – preferably with photos and sketches of the local situation. We will gladly send you corresponding sketches for the standard installation – or find an individual solution for your “non-standard” situation.

  • Vertical double bars as 10x20x10x3 mm U-profiles
  • Lower and upper rail as 30x50x30x3 mm U-profile. Upper rail fixed, lower rail foldable. From 2500 mm height upper rail as 50x50x50x3 mm U-profile.
  • Scissors made of 18×4 mm flat steel across 3 double bars, clear bar spacing max. 120 mm
  • 2 fold rows up to 2400 mm grill height; above 3 folds
  • In the case of single-leaf grilles, the front rail (locking rail) and the back rail (back reinforcement) are made of a 30x50x30x3 mm U-profile.
  • If installed on the wall/in front of the opening (see plans C, D & E) the folding grille is fastened using brackets
  • Smooth-running ball bearing rollers with PVC sheathing
  • Choice of fixed or pivoted (90° & 180°) grille packages
  • In the case of pivoted grille leaves, the pivot point may optionally be set into the ground or designed wall-mounted with an angle section.
  • Pivoted design for single-leaf grilles up to max. 3.0 m width – greater widths only available with fixed grille packages
  • Fixing holes are added at the factory in accordance with customer requirements
Folding grille-RS-image01

View closed

Folding grille-RS-image02

View half closed

Folding grille-RS-image03

View opened

In the open position, the lower rail is folded up – ensuring barrier-free access.

Drop bolt locking mechanism with multi-point locking (standard)
Folding grille drop bolt locking mechanism
The drop bolt locking mechanism is used as standard and provides secure multi-point locking. The number of hooks depends on grille height, with min. 3 pieces. The locking bar is raised using the handle and lowered using the hooks located in the front rail. A profile cylinder lock is used to prevent unauthorised operation of the handle and thereby raising of the locking bar. Backset 45 mm.
Hook bolt mechanism with single point locking (for grilles below 1400 mm height) Folding grille hook bolt mechanism

The hook bolt mechanism is fitted in folding grilles under 1400 mm height and provides single point locking. The lock rail is pushed into the front rail. Here the lock hook reaches through the front rail. The lock is closed and unhooked again using the key stroke. The hook requires 22 mm clearance outside of the front rail. Backset 45 mm. Drive bolt The drive bolt is an upper and lower lock. No front rail is required in this case. All locks can be designed for locking on one or both sides. Standard profile cylinders are used; one-sided (30/10) or double-sided (30/30). Accessories

  • KESO cylinder with drill protection
  • Anti-core pulling rosette
  • Designed for KABA cylinders (Switzerland)


Installation versions diagram
Installation versions vertical sections

Package widths concertinaed folding grille
The package widths for the concertinaed leaves of the folding grille depend on the type of installation. We will be delighted to provide you with a quote for package widths for grilles over 3.0 m width on request.

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