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Depending on the intended use, our gates are constructed using the following drives:

Drive Use Supply line
Spring shaft For manually operated folding grilles and roller shutters without electrical connection by keroll Spring housings  
Tubular motor with or without manual override crank For folding grille and roller shutters with infrequent load changes during each day, e.g. for securing shop entrances, shop windows or home windows and doors 230 V
Direct mount & sprocket drives For folding grille and roller shutters with frequent load changes during each day, e.g. underground garages or industrial applications. 400 V
TS981 The following options are available for operating electrical folding grille systems:

Dead man’s control Operated by keeping the push button or key switch pressed continually in immediate sight of the door
Impulse control Operated by using the push button or key switch once. The folding grille or roller shutter then moves automatically to the upper and lower end position
Radio control Operated by handheld transmitter
Timer switch Setting daily, weekly or yearly programmes
Safety devices
When a folding grille is controlled in self-retaining mode, i.e. using impulse, radio or time control, all of the grille pinch and shear points are secured using the appropriate security elements. This is the only way in which safe operation of an automatic folding grille can be ensured. The main closing edge, i.e. end rail of the folding grille, is fitted with an optical safety strip. If the grille runs into an object while moving downwards, the running direction is immediately reversed and the grille moves back into the upper end position. OSEOSE seal
A roll-up safety device prevents accompanying persons from being pulled into the grille while it is moving upwards. For this reason, self-standing internal and external through beam photoelectric switches are installed in front of the grille curtain. These consist of transmitters and receivers. If the light beam is interrupted, the controls immediately stop the door moving. Twin Pro
A reflective photoelectric switch in the lower gate area (300 mm) detects people lying on the floor, vehicles and other objects. It ensures that the gate does not travel downwards in the first place, if the light beam is interrupted. A second photoelectric switch at approx. 800 mm height is recommended for gate systems used by trucks, SUVs etc.

reflective photoelectric switch

Do you need replacement parts for an existing system? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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