Rolling grilles special designs

Folding grille prison RC3

RC3 tested design
In order to ensure an exceptionally high level of anti-burglar protection, we manufacture rolling grilles that conform to resistance class RC3 (DIN EN 1627:2011). The basic requirement for assembly of RC3-tested folding grilles is a fastening substrate conforming to DIN EN 1627. This is because each grille is only as good as the substrate supporting it. We manufacture rolling grilles with tested security in accordance with RC3 in a special design with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum grill dimensions 4600 x 4500 mm, any dimensions are constructed (without certification) based on the RC3 special design
  • Electromagnetic locking
  • Reinforced end rail
  • Material dimensions min. 18 x 4 mm with cross-bar, straight honeycomb 185 x 120 mm
  • Can only be installed inside as right roller (not attack side)
  • Galvanised or stainless steel
Rolling grilles XXL
Our robust honeycomb grille can be manufactured up to 22 m width.

Folding grille 13 m width

Rolling grille 13 m width

Folding grille 15 m width

Rolling grille 15 m width

Folding grille 15 m wide stainless steel, assembly

Rolling grille 15 m wide stainless steel, assembly

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