Transparent roller shutters

Keroll - transparent gates

Roller shutters with a difference. Secure. Attractive appearance.

Transparent roller shutters offer effective protection against break-ins and with maximum transparency. These gates are highly suitable for both indoor and outside use and are used to protect shop windows, shop entrances, business premises, industrial areas and for securing property. The profile spools almost silently and has only a limited diameter when rolled up. Protecting the system afterwards is also easy with the readymade box. Our gate systems are manufactured individually in accordance with customer requirements and performance specifications – this allows us to take into account the installation situation and other parameters.

Transparent roller shutters from keroll

Effective anti-burglar protection, discreet appearance with the best possible transparency, more security, compact spooling with limited diameter when rolled up, reliable and durable, can be designed individually and, last but not least, the transparent roller shutter fits unobtrusively with the overall look.

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