Folding grilles and rolling grilles according to RC3/WK3


Folding grilles and rolling grilles according to RC3/WK3

For maximum burglary protection

If you want to protect shop entrances, shop windows, passages, spacious patio doors or windows particularly effectively against burglary, vandalism or the like, you need a high-quality roller shutter, scissor or rolling grille, ideally tested according to RC3. If you would like to offer your customers such effective burglary protection for usual perpetrators, you are in good hands with us. With passion and expertise, we produce safe, quality products for our partner companies in the areas of gate construction, roller shutters, sun protection, shop fitting and metal construction – and have been doing so for more than 100 years.


Keroll Kerger GmbH from Wuppertal stands for stable burglary protection made in Germany: high quality, durable and individual. Our RC3 scissor and rolling grilles are excellent in terms of material and manufacturing quality and can be used safely for a long time. Our RC3 tested rolling and scissor grilles were tested in 2012 based on DIN EN 1627-30:2011.

Good to know: The resistance class RC3 (“ r esistance class ”) describes the burglary protection against usual perpetrators on a scale from RC1 to RC6 and defines a resistance time of five minutes with a specific set of tools .

Folding grilles and rolling grilles for doors – effective burglary protection

When it comes to security, RC3 metal folding and rolling grilles are always the first choice – especially for objects and buildings where an exceptionally high level of burglary protection is required. This applies, for example, to department stores, high-priced retailers, museums or public buildings such as embassies or ministries.

For these reasons you should choose Keroll’s quality products:

Folding grilles and rolling grilles for doors – effective burglary protection

Our RC3 folding grilles are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel and have saw protection for double bars, hardened scissors, stainless steel rivet bolts and bolts as tear protection on the lower running rail. The materials used are characterized by particular strength and stability and are therefore ideal for effectively securing doors and windows. The grilles are closed using a multi-point lock with at least six hooks, a core pulling protection rosette and a tested security cylinder. Fastening may only be carried out using the enclosed safety screws on surfaces defined in accordance with DIN EN 1627.

Rolling grilles RC3:

We also make our RC3 rolling grilles from galvanized steel or stainless steel. In addition, thanks to the reinforced end strip, electromagnetic locking and their special honeycomb shape as well as the additional crossbar, they ensure increased, long-term burglary resistance – even with frequent use. These points and the small space requirement make them the ideal protection for public buildings, museums, banks and jewelers. Please note that the mounting base for RC3-tested rolling grilles must also comply with DIN EN 1627; they can only be mounted on the inside as a right-hand roller.

Depending on the application, our rolling grille systems can be driven using tubular motors (230 V) or attachment and chain wheels (400 V).

Our RC3-tested scissor and rolling grilles protect doors safely and long-term

Since the local conditions differ from property to property and no two construction situations are the same, we at Keroll Kerger GmbH rely on individual solutions and also manufacture our high-quality metal folding and rolling grilles (RC3) to measure without exception. Ultimately, a product from our company should perfectly secure your customer’s doors or shop windows – without compromises. By the way: The design of the grilles is no less attractive even with a certificate. From a purely visual perspective, you won’t notice any difference to our classic scissor and rolling grilles for burglary protection; the aesthetics of the RC3-tested version also remain at the usual high level.

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