Shop window grilles – reliable burglary protection from Keroll

Shop window grilles

Reliable burglary protection from Keroll

If you want to protect your business safely and effectively against break-ins, you are well advised to get a high-quality shop window grille. Keroll Kerger GmbH is your competent contact if you would like to secure your shop with first-class rolling or scissor grilles. Since 1910, we have been producing individual and special solutions for mechanical burglary protection on windows, doors, passages and shop entrances with great passion and high expertise. Please let us advise you personally.

An attempted break-in on windows and doors usually only takes a few minutes with simple tools. Even if the break-in attempt fails, the expensive windows and doors are damaged. The deterrent effect of the rolling and scissor gates is enormous. Attempting to break in takes time and is noisy. This is what the usual perpetrator wants to avoid!

If shop windows and shop entrances are secured with robust grilles, it makes things noticeably more difficult for the burglar. Even if you can never achieve 100% protection, the risk of an actual break-in is significantly reduced.

Whether roller grilles, scissor grilles or shop window roller shutters: with Keroll your property is safe!

If you are looking for such effective protection that adapts ideally to your local conditions, you have come to the right place. We offer you stable, long-lasting shop window grilles in a wide variety of designs, manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards in our production halls at the company headquarters in Wuppertal.

Scissor grilles have been securing doors and windows for over 100 years

Since their invention at the beginning of the 20th century , scissor grilles have been considered effective protection against burglarybecause the elegant, timeless grilles made of solid materials prevent unauthorized entry into an object in advance – ideal for shop windows, shop entrances, doors, etc. The big advantage of these grilles lies in their properties Space-saving installation options, which also allow for subsequent installation.

To ensure that you always receive the shop window grille that is perfect for your needs, we build scissor grilles exclusively according to customer specifications. Each scissor grid is individually drawn using CAD. The materials available are, for example, galvanized, powder-coated steel or V2A stainless steel – bright, polished or ground. The grilles are closed on one or both sides with either a multi-point lock. Depending on the application, drive bolts are also useful and possible.

As you can see, we have the right solution for every need.

Rolling grilles for shop windows:

Stable and durable

In addition to scissor grilles, rolling grilles are also ideal for shop windows and shop entrances to keep burglars away from objects. The choices include rolling grilles type AS 55 made of extruded aluminum and rolling grilles with honeycomb-shaped curtains made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Both types of grilles can be equipped with a box for subsequent installation.

Do you need a particularly large shop window grille? This is no problem for us either: we can create your individual grille on request up to a width of 22 m. Please feel free to contact us directly!

By the way: We also produce rolling and scissor grilles for you in special versions tested according to RC3/WK3. This abbreviation stands for resistance class 3. On a scale from RC1 to RC6, RC3 refers to burglary protection against usual perpetrators with a specific set of tools, with the resistance time being five minutes .

Obtain shop window grilles directly from the manufacturer as a specialist retailer

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