Rolling grille honeycomb shape

Rolling grille honeycomb shape

Robust. Secure. Classic.

Keroll rolling grilles are the ideal and proven solution for mechanical security against break-ins and vandalism. The classic made of flat material in a honeycomb structure is often used for heavy stresses and intensive use – and when robust design is especially important. Our customers value the reliability of our rolling grilles in areas of application such as car parks and underground garages or for securing shop windows, shopping arcades, shop entrances and private windows and doors. We have been testing a special version of the honeycomb rolling grille according to RC3 (WK3) since 2012!

The advantages of our rolling grilles:

  • long lifespan even with high levels of use
  • effective anti-burglar protection
  • durable drives and reliable controls
  • stable and robust grille curtains
  • easy to operate
  • attractively designed

All rolling comply with the relevant directives and standards.

Each rolling grille is constructed individually in accordance with customer requirements and the installation situation.

The order drawings also facilitate smooth order processing and assembly. The rolling grilles have a classic design and blend discreetly into the surroundings.

We are only satisfied when you are satisfied!

Benefit from rapid delivery times with the best quality – our optimised ordering and production processes make it possible! Every product has the unique “made in Germany” label; we deliver the right rolling grille for your performance requirements.

Contact us – we are the right partner even for challenging conditions, special widths or individual challenges.

You get the all-round carefree package from us:

All rolling grilles comply with the valid guidelines and standards.
You can get underground car park rolling grilles with all safety-relevant components.
Do you need protection against burglary, but still lots of light, visibility and ventilation?

Then Keroll rolling grilles are the right choice.

Application examples of rolling grilles honeycomb form from Keroll Kerger GmbH