Roller shutters – technical information

Roller shutters – technical information

Installation dimensions & basic sketches

Are you looking for installation dimensions or basic sketches for our roller shutters?

Please contact us or send us an email with your request – preferably with photos and sketches of the local situation. We will gladly send you corresponding sketches for the standard installation – or find an individual solution for your “non-standard” situation.

Cross section of single-walled profiles

Technical data for single-walled profiles

Double-walled roller shutters

Technical data double-walled roller shutters

The following table shows the rolled-up diameters of individual profiles relative to the axle tube used:

Guide rails
Robust U-profiles in steel, aluminium or stainless steel; at least 1% of gate width according to DIN 18358. Available with or without plastic guides.
Fastening of guide rails using angle brackets or underlining as rectangular tube or bracket.

Shaft / axle tube
The winding shaft is statically dimensioned according to the width of the gate; Max. deflection L/500.
Galvanised octagonal shafts or primed round steel tubes are used (in accordance with DIN EN 10219).

Bearing of the winding shaft is carried out using standard or angle brackets in galvanised steel or primed, statically dimensioned according to the weight of the system. Special brackets for ceiling and recess installation as required.


We manufacture boxes:

  • as contact protection for automatic gate systems with a clear height < 2500 mm
  • weather protection for external rollers incl. drive sheathing. We deliver systems with tubular motors if required in the readymade external building element. The boxes and guide rails are also colour-coated using standard colours.