Spring shafts – the hand-operated alternative to the electric drive

Spring shafts

The hand-operated alternative to the electric drive

Local conditions do not always allow the installation of electrically powered roller shutters. So that interested parties do not have to forego the protection of a rolling grille or rolling shutter, we at Keroll Kerger GmbH not only offer high-quality rolling shutters with electric drives, but also gates that can be opened and closed by hand using spring shafts.

If there is no electrical connection on site or there is little space for installing a rolling gate with a drive, as is often the case with entrance doors to shops, hand-operated gates with spring shafts represent a convincing alternative. Also from an economic point of view – after all, no electricity is required to operate the gates. And since assembly is particularly quick and easy, additional costs can be saved here. When it comes to safety, manually operated roller shutters are in no way inferior to those with electric drives. A Basquille lock, which is installed at hand height or, if desired, in the end bar, protects against unauthorized lifting of the grille.

Benefits of keroll spring shafts at a glance:

Keroll Kerger GmbH is your specialist for rolling doors, rolling and scissor grilles. We have been manufacturing safety-relevant quality products for over 100 years, which include not only the gates and grilles themselves, but also controls and drives. For manual opening and closing of the gates, we recommend our spring shafts, which are characterized by the following excellent properties:

  • simple installation
  • robust longevity
  • low-wear plain bearings
  • reliable spring fastening
  • high-quality spring band steel

In addition, each spring shaft is designed exactly for the armor weight of the respective roller shutter. In this way, ideal weight balance and the associated low hand strength can be achieved. The only thing to note is that the armored weight of the gate does not exceed the limit of 100 kg in order to avoid exceeding the permissible manual forces in accordance with DIN EN 12604. For this reason, the drive using spring shafts is particularly suitable for smaller rolling grilles and roller shutters.

Technical information

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