Folding grilles RC3 & special designs

Folding grilles RC3 & special designs

We have Folding grilles RC3 in the following versions

Basic requirement for assembly of RC3-tested folding grilles is a fastening substrate conforming to DIN EN 1627. This is because each grille is only as good as the substrate supporting it.

We manufacture folding grilles with tested security in accordance with RC3 in a special design with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum grille dimensions 4800 x 2750 mm, any dimensions exceeding this are constructed (without certification) based on the RC3 special design.
  • May be installed externally (attack side)
  • Galvanised or stainless steel
  • optional powder-coating
  • 1- or 2-leaf
  • fixed (not pivoted) grille leaf only
  • specially hardened folds
  • vertical double bars with anti-sawing protection
  • upper rail fixed, lower rail foldable or fixed
  • lower rail fitted with ground sleeve as tear-out protection
  • minimum 6-fold multi-point locking of the drop bolt locking mechanism
  • special cylinder and anti-core pulling rosette
  • concealed fastening

Folding grilles with fixed packages can be manufactured in a top-running design. This version has the advantage of admitting the lower rail directly into the ground as a small U-profile. The grille is thus guided into the upper C-rail 40x40x3 mm using ball bearing rollers. If required, the lower rail can be designed foldable as 30x50x30x3 mm U-profile or 25x20x25x3 mm to allow entry into the ground. 1-2H.

In certain installation situations it will be necessary for the upper guide rail of the folding grille to be of foldable design. For example, if the rail would prevent reasonable access.
The solution for such tricky situations is to fold the upper rail downward. The upper rail – like the lower rail – is given a hinge in order to do this. After the grille has concertinaed, both the lower and upper rails are folded on the folding grille package.
Pivoted packages are also possible with this version.

2-leaf folding grille, foldable upper rails, pivoted packages

Folding grille 1-leaf, foldable upper rail, grey coated

Folding grilles in bend, stainless steel

Folding grilles in bend counter protection