Rolling grille with Curtain honeycomb grille

Rolling grille with Curtain honeycomb grille

Safe, aesthetic, robust

At Keroll Kerger GmbH you have come to the right place if you want to effectively protect your customers’ shop windows, shop entrances or passageways from burglary with a safe, long-lasting rolling grille (if perpetrators use their usual approach).

A honeycomb rolling grille is often installed later as burglary protection – so that it still looks visually appealing and, above all, fits safely into the spatial conditions, we at Keroll Kerger GmbH produce all of our products exclusively as individual tailor-made products.

We have three different materials and six different honeycomb shapes and patterns available for rolling grilles. Regarding the material, you can specify, for example, whether the grille should be made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel (V2A & V4A). When it comes to shape, you can choose between straight and curved honeycombs. In addition, it is possible to provide these with crossbars or with crossbars and tips to make it more difficult to reach through the grille. This further increases the protective effect.

Curtain honeycomb grille

We manufacture our proven rolling grilles out of 3 different materials. The honeycomb shaped tanks/hangings are available as follows:

galvanized steel

  • galvanized
  • powder-coated


  • plain
  • mill-finished anodised
  • powder-coated

Stainless steel (V2A & V4A)

  • bright-rolled 2B(IIIc)
  • high-gloss
  • powder-coated

The individual bars made of robust flat material are joined together using special hinges. The bar ends are bent twice by 90° and held in place with an additional cramp. This provides the curtain with a closed grill edge, ensuring that it runs precisely into the guide rails. The curtain, without cross-bar, provides a ventilation diameter of approx. 75 %.

Are you looking for a different grid shape?

Please contact us – we also supply other hangings !

Our rolling grilles are available in 6 different honeycombs and models:

Straight honeycomb 185 x 120 mm

Straight honeycomb 185 x 120 mm

The width of the material is determined by the width of the rolling grille – the wider the grille, the wider the flat material. More details can be found under technical information.

We offer 3 different bottom bars:

Angle 85/55/4 mm: available in galvanised or stainless steel. The lower arm is cut on each side based on the guide rail depth.
A c-profile may optionally be fastened under the bracket for attaching the seal profiles.
Zur Aufnahme von Gummiprofilen wird bei Bedarf ein C-Profil unter dem Winkel befestigt.

Large aluminium extruded rail: the integrated c-profile is suitable for attaching seal profiles with Braselmann foot. The surface is mill-finished as standard; if requested: silver E6EV1 anodised or colour powder-coated.

Small aluminium extruded rail: especially suitable for guide rails with a small clear opening. This bottom bar is ideal for rolling grilles rolling up in boxes. The surface is mill-finished as standard; if requested: silver E6EV1 anodised or colour powder-coated.

Upper suspension – folding grille fastening on the shaft

Folding grille fastening on the shaft

All folding grilles are fitted with a full-length suspension profile as top end piece. Individual suspension hooks are inserted into this profile. The suspension hooks are fitted with an elongated hole for fastening on the shaft.

When are rolling grilles made of flat honeycomb material the first choice?

Honeycomb-shaped rolling grilles are used in particular when stable, mechanical security against vandalism and break-in is required and the passage to be protected is highly frequented or heavily used. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a parking garage entrance, a shop window, a shopping arcade or a private building. The big advantage of grids made of flat material in honeycomb shape compared to e.g. The reason for opaque roller doors, for example, is that they prevent unauthorized people from entering, but allow light and air to pass through and allow a view inside. The other advantages of our rolling grilles at a glance:

  • Quality products made in Germany
  • long lifetime
  • reliable control
  • robust lattice curtains
  • easy operation
  • attractive timeless design

Of course, every grille that leaves our production halls in Wuppertal complies with the applicable standards and guidelines.

Do you run a company in the areas of gate, roller shutter, sun protection, shop or metal construction and would like us to produce a honeycomb roller grille made of aluminum or (stainless) steel?

Then Keroll rolling grilles are the right choice.